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Linda's Speedway 12th
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After a lot of thought and consideration we will not be at Linda’s Speedway Friday night. Also we will not be finishing out the year at Linda’s due to issues that we have been having all year long with personnel. If the track would like to speak to Jason directly you should already have his phone number that he has already tried to reach track management. We would have loved to race Friday due to it honoring the great Kevin Gobrecht and out of respect to the family. Good luck to everyone else who will be attending this race.
With that being said we are already preparing for next year, and will review track schedules, and talk with our sponsors on what our plans will be for next year.
Jason is not finished for the 2023 as the team will review tracks schedules for the remaining of the 2023 season. Look for more on Facebook and for when Jason will be hitting the track again in the 88J micro.
9/3/23 Last night we returned to Path Valley Speedway since 2020. The track has definitely changed over the years. We tried a few things some worked and some didn’t. We started 2nd in the heat and finished 3rd. We made some changes for the feature and went the wrong way. We started 7th, on the start we got up to 3rd but it wouldn’t count due to yellow. We would end up finishing 13th, after racing hard with a bunch of drivers who ran us cleanly. It was definitely fun and we will be back again but this time it won’t take 3 years! Thank you to the Mason Dixon series for putting on this race it was fun!
9/1/23 MASON: Finished 1st. Mini dude parked it tonight for his second feature win on the season.
8/25/23 MASON: Mason had a great night. Started 4th. Finished 3rd in tonight’s feature. No problems at all and a huge confidence boosted for mini dude
This weekend for us was a long and very challenging one. Friday night at Linda’s Speedway Jason would find speed and finally get comfortable with the new car but only to have a junked car after another car would run up over his left rear and then flip on top of him. In the heat Jason started 3rd, and finished 2nd but was all over the leader trying to find a way around him. In the feature Jason would start 5 but on the start the right rear tire wouldn’t fire and fell back. Finally after a lap or 2 the car started to come on but he was driven over top of. Jason would restart only to have the top wing fold down, as he was looking at the top wing he would run into the back of the same car he got ran over by. Jason would be sent to the pits for the incident, and end up 19th.
Mason started out slow but got faster in his heat race. Mason would line up 5th and work his way up to 3rd only to be driven over by another car flipping over 3 times. Mason would be ok and ask if we could fix his car and get him back out for the feature. Thank you to everyone, Dave Radabaugh, Kenny Latz, and others that stopped to check on him or lent parts and helped in getting Mason’s car repaired and back out for the feature! Mason would start 7th and work his way up to 3rd only to be taken out two more times and the final accident would bent the right side nerf bar back into his right rear wheel locked it up. Mason would be forced to retire for the night, in 7th.
We are extremely proud of Mason pushing to get back out and finish the race! Mason is definitely a wheel man!
8/20/23 Mason Results: "This kid right here is amazing! He had a nasty flip today in his heat race. Got out of the car, no tears, a thumbs up and walked back to the trailer. With a lot of hard work from many people, Mason’s car was rebuilt. Mason started 7th in his feature and drove up to 3rd where he was involved in another accident. He kept try to rebound but after more contact from another car he had to retired with 2 laps left in his feature due to damage. We can not THANK everyone enough from giving us part for the car, to checking on mason and then checking on the mom."
Mason has truly showed so much maturity today. He just keeps amazing us.
8/18/23 Linda's Speedway Results: Heat started 3rd finished 2nd. Feature started 5th finished 19th.
7/21/23 Selinsgrove Raceway Park Results: Feature finished 1st.
7/14/23 Linda's Speedway Results: Heat started 2nd finished 1st. Feature started 7th finished 6th.
6/30/23 Linda's Speedway Results: Heat started 5th finished 2nd. Feature started 2nd finished 14th.
Really long weekend but we definitely learned somethings with Mason. His confidence got hit hard after the Saturday he had. Saturday in the heat he never took a lap after he got hit by 2 cars bending the right rear wheel and popping his chain off. We got it fixed for the feature and again a car got into him popping his chain off, then again, and then finally a third time breaking the master link. He would come back and finish 4th, but he finished the race and did not drop out.
Sunday his confidence was not good going into the day but he started 4th and would finish there. You could tell his confidence was not there when he would run up on the third place car he would back off and not try to get under or push the issue to get around the car. The feature he would start 4th and finish 5th. He did put down a very good line driving around the track but he was not his normal self. We will regroup and come back stronger. We have some parts to order and get his car fixed back up.
Thank you to everyone who helped us out this weekend. Our quarter midget group is second to none when it comes to helping these kids get back on the track!
If I forgot anyone who jumped in to help us I apologize, we all appreciate the help in the hot chute. There were so many people that jumped in right away to help Mason get back out on the track Saturday! Thank you again!
These shots that Steph Jones got of us is what makes all this worth it every week!
Mason: Today was a rough day of racing for mason.
Started 3rd in the heat, got taken out at the start. Unable to run heat due to damage then.
Started 5th in feature, problems kept occurring, finished 4th.
Mason stayed strong and never left anything bring him down.
We can not thank everyone enough who came over to help us keep mason on the track today. Back at this all day tomorrow.
6/9/23 Linda's Speedway Results: Heat started 7th finished 8th. Feature started 15th finished 11th.
6/6/23 BAPS Motor Speedway Mason Dixon Results: Heat started 7th finished 4th. Feature started 10th, rest of the show was cancelled due to rain.
6/4/23 Mason: Started 1st finished 2nd.
5/28/23 Mason: Started 1st finished 1st.
Linda's Speedway Results: Qualifier 1 started 24th finished 15th. Heat started 5th finished 8th. Consi started 6th finished 3rd. Feature started 21st finished 13th.
5/19/23 Linda's Speedway Results: Heat started 8th finished 8th. Consi started 6th finished 4th. Feature started 22nd finished 19th.
5/7/23 Mason: 2nd again today. The driver gain a lot of knowledge and drove more aggressive today! We are so proud of him.
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