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As of 7/21
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As of 7/22
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Mason ran yesterday at BAPS Motor Speedway’s Outback track. He drew a great pill and started on the pole for his heat race. Mason held his line and held off 2nd place to win his first EVER heat race win. I guess Harold bear and lots of “coke fuel” will be in his pit for every race.
Unfortunately rain would hit and his feature was postponed. Mason was in the zone yesterday and was not a happy child with Mother Nature. After some Jersey Mikes (one of his favorite places to eat) the driver calmed down and is ready to try this all again next week.
2022 National Night Out at BAP’s tomorrow 8/2/2022 at the Touch of Color Flooring stand signing autographs. Balloon animals also Available!!!
8/6/2022- Kids night at BAP’s. Lots of free stuff and raffles! Both cars will be on display signing autographs!
Mason finished 3rd in tonight’s feature. He was contending for the lead when he got up to high and spun out. Restarted 4th and ran out of laps.
We could not be any more PROUD of the race car driver he is becoming.
7/21/22 Linda's Speedway Results: Heat started 2nd finished 1st. Feature started 9th finished 9th.
7/15/22 Linda's Speedway Results: Heat started 3rd finished 3rd. Feature started 3rd finished 12th.
7/8/22 Linda's Speedway Results: Heat started 1st finished 1st. Feature started 10th finished 10th.
7/3/22 Mason had a great day racing. Started 2nd in his heat and finished 3rd. Lined up 6th in his feature and finished 4th. Motor problems figured out and the boys gave him a great car. Only going up from here.
Jason was involved in a crash very early in the race. Credited with 23rd. the car could be worse but we have some work to get done. For now, he must rest due to some minor injuries.
Racing never stops. Loading up for Mason to race today at BAP’s.
7/2/22 Linda's Speedway Results: Heat started 4th finished 5th. Feature started 15th finished 23rd DNF.
6/18/22 Last night at Linda's Speedway we would start 2nd in the first heat and finish 2nd. In the redraw we would draw a 7. Track conditions were extremely dry and hard race track. We would end up holding on to finish 8th. I don’t think we could of last much longer on tires.
6/10/22 Lindas Speedway Results: Heat started 3rd finished 2nd. Feature started 4th finished 4th.
This weekend was an extremely busy. Friday night we started on the pole in the first heat race, Jason would hang on to finish 2nd. Coming to the checkers he would smell coolant. We went over the lines, and motor to find a cylinder nut came off the right side of the engine by the intake. After restarting the car with a push off we would notice coolant coming out of the cylinder. We will have to do a leak test on the engine later this week to figure out where it is coming from. Meanwhile all of these was going on, Kate would pull Jason the pole position for the feature. The team was about to call it quits when Mighty Mac Motorsports would tell us to take their engine or car to start the feature so we would not lose points. Something we didn’t want to do but after being convinced by Mighty Mac, Jason would switch a few things around and start 24th giving up the pole position to start the race. Jason would wheel the car up to 10th, avoiding a major accident in turn 1&2. All in all it was a lot of ups and downs for us on Friday night at Linda’s.
After getting home early Saturday morning from Linda’s, Jason and Kate would prepare the engine that we got back but haven’t started yet for the Mason Dixon 270 Racing Series at BAPS Motor Speedway. After working till 3-330am the two would call it quits to get a few overs of sleep. Around 7am Jason, Kate, Kevin, and Mason would work hard till after 9am to finish the swap of the engine. With the first push down the street the engine would turn over and become alive! We can not thank Kent Weiss and DBY Motorsports enough for giving us such great equipment! After getting everything sorted out and cleaned back up we loaded up and took a couple hours of sleep. Then it was off to BAPS Motor Speedway.
The night started out with Jason displaying his car with the 2 Dirt Track Divas stand, thank you to everyone coming over to talk and get a few autographs! Jason would start 4th in Heat 1 and would end up finishing 5th qualifying for the 20 lap feature. With no notes on the new cylinder combo we would make a few adjustments on the car and carburetor to get ready for the feature. Jason would start 13th and would finish 13th. Jason worked his way up thru the field but fell back after the car started getting tight on entry into the corners. Also with being the first race on the new engine combo would be a little too rich on jetting and it took a few laps for the engine to come in. Not a bad night, we will take it and move on to Linda's Speedway this Friday for a time trial show.
Sunday Mason would once again strap back into his quarter midget for the red rookie class. Mason would go out and hot lap the car and line up 3rd for the heat. Mason would notice a problem with the throttle and pulled his car into the hot shoot. We would retire the car finishing 4th. After going over the car we found an issue with the car would fall off when the throttle was pushed down to accelerate. Thank you to Josh Henise for helping us out to change the valve springs! We would also go over the carburetor clean it really well and make a change. The engine seemed to react better to the changes. Mason would then start 4th and finish 4th after being more comfortable and gaining more speed in the car. We all are really proud of how far this little guy has come, what 6 year old kid realize there was something wrong with his engine and pull the car in to get it checked out? Mason will be a force to reckon with when we get this quarter midget stuff figured out!
HUGE shout out to Mighty Mac Motorsports and Makayla Fullerton for not only accomplishing her dream of racing on the big track at BAPS Motor Speedway, but gaining speed beating her times from practice at Baps! You guys are getting it, don’t quit, there will good things coming in the future for you guys!
Finally I have to say this from Friday, to Saturday, to Sunday this was all a HUGE team, family, friends, marketing partners, sponsors effort from a ton of people’s help to get things done in the right direction. We can not thank everyone enough, Katelind Klinger, Kevin Messimer, Ike Fullerton, Melissa Deal Fullerton, Makayla Fullerton, RTS Chassis, Kent Weiss, everyone at MBR racing, Mike Boyer, Ben Stolz, Kevin Stolz, Marty MacDonald, Tim Basehore, Garry Ferguson, Brandie Bear LeFebvre, Brian LeFebvre, Ron Rutherford, Kat Scruggs, Kolten Gouse, Jane Ahrens, Donna Fasick, Maddie Tyson, Nicole Krout, Steph Jones, Jake Jones, Chad Baker, Richie Dobson, Eric Rutz, Latz racing, Kenny Latz, Josh Henise, Mike Knappenberger, 2 Dirt Divas, Touch of Color Flooring, Mac Tools MPM Professional Tools, Auto Core Recycling, QuickChick Restaurant, Finders Keepers, York, Finders Keepers New Oxford/Crosskeys, Finders Keepers West, RRi Designs LLC / Race Ready Ink, MAMMA'S PIZZA of Wellsville, Snyder Web Design, LLC. & Photography, Elite Racing Imagery, Precision Hydraulic and Oil, Miller's Racing Parts, Batty Mama Boutique, Cammac Racing Supply, Wing Dynamics Inc, Race Chasing, Aunt Jayne Jewel Box, Brad Gossert, Brady Gossert, Brent Shue, Mason Dixon 270 Racing Series, Austin Bower.
If I missed someone I’m sorry, also it will only allow me to tag so many! Thank you again to everyone!
5/29/22 BAPS Motor Speedway: MASON - The quarter midget driver is broken! He drove his butt off today in his 30 lap feature. We saw major improvements today. He finished 6th of 8 cars. We couldn’t be more proud of him and the 7 other red rookies today !!!!!!!
5/22/22 BAPS Motor Speedway: MASON - Heat started 3rd finished 3rd. Feature finished 3rd.
5/13/22 Linda's Speedway Results: Heat started 5th finished 2nd. Feature started 6th finished 4th.
4/29/22 Linda's Speedway Results: Heat started 5th finished 6th. Feature started 17th finished 12th.
4/24/22 First race today for Mason on the Outback track at BAPS Motor Speedway. Mason did well for not being in the car in almost a month. Hot laps was a little sketchy but Mini Dude pushed through and had a blast. Heat race Mason would start 4th and finish 4th. Feature Mason would start 3rd finish 3rd. In the feature Mason gained speed the more laps Mini Dude ran. With more seat time Mason will get right up front again like in Rookie Training. We all are so proud of this little guy! Mason did finish the same as Jason in his feature! Not bad with Father and Son finish in the same spot this weekend of racing for both! Thank you to everyone for coming out to support Mini Dude this weekend for his first race! Very special Thank You to Elite Racing Imagery’s Tim Basehore for coming out for a small photo shoot for us and our sponsors, we can’t wait to see the pictures!!! Thank you to Touch of Color Flooring, MAMMA'S PIZZA of Wellsville, Mac Tools MPM Professional Tools, Miller's Racing Parts, Precision Hydraulic and Oil, RTS Chassis, Kent Weiss, Mighty Mac Motorsports, Aunt Jayne’s Jewelry Box Hand Crafted Designs, RRi Designs LLC / Race Ready Ink, Richie Dodson, Chad Baker, Elite Racing Imagery, and Snyder Web Design, LLC. & Photography!
4/22/22 Linda's Speedway Results: Heat started 5th finished 2nd. Feature started 4th finished 3rd.
4/15/22 Well we started our night with drawing a 54 pill which would put us 8th in the first heat out of 31 cars. We would end up coming up to 4th but the driver had some issues learning to go straight. In the redraw we would draw a 9, lining us for the 24 car field. In the feature the car was perfect, we drove up to 4th passing cars. Battling with 3rd place car the motor made a weird noise and shut off. Come to find out the new cylinder broke in half. Definitely not the way we wanted to start our season out but it’s nothing to hang our heads at. It was another one of those races where we would of loved to see the end of the race to see what happen, but it just wasn’t in our favor last night. We will get things figured out and be back next week for sure. I can’t thank everyone enough who came out to support us and all the sponsors who continue to support us! Feature finished 19th DNF.
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